Monday, March 26, 2007

Julian, California - March 23-25 2007

Ahhhh...Spring is in the Air in Julian, CA!
Our trip there over the weekend was relaxing and filled with all sorts of wonderful colors and smells.. (especially while driving thru the Orchards on our way up to Julian!)

Julian was bustling with lots of visitors.. of young and old..bikers, couples, and pets!

We managed to pick up a homemade flaky apple pie.. and treat ourselves to dessert later that nite back at the William Heise park

There are Tons of shops around the town and side streets.. something for everyone..

Huge Trees and a pretty little meadow area in the campground made for perfect picnics.. playing with your pets... climbing trees... or just laying around to soak up the sun..

Lots of antique stores tucked here and there.. this one is across from Dudley's Bakery..

here we picked up a fresh loaf of sweet French bread :)

Here is the perfect store for those who LOVE birds and anything to do with birds!!!

A sweet statue of a bird reading .. in front of a bookstore in Julian... stop here to see a beautiful Brown kitty by the name of "Cocoa"!

and the many daffodils in bloom :)

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bunzi said...

love the black and white tree picture.